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    New Globemaster

    Greetings everyone,

    This is my third post here but I have been reading this forum off and on for a year or so. Here are some photos of my new Globemaster that I received a week or so ago. I considered purchasing this watch back in 2011 but held out for various reasons. After researching the brand further, saving up some money, and receiving blessings from my wife I placed an order for a Globemaster with Grey dial and yellow hands. Thanks to forum member TexZan for sending me his photos of the watch to lust over and for helping with the order process. Ordering with Catherine at the company was a breeze and I can't say enough about their customer service. I ended up with Globemaster #115 which is still pretty cool knowing there is such a small number of this watch out there. A lot of guys I fly with have Breitling watches as those are usually the default pilot watch to a lot of people but I feel like everyone and their dog has a Breitling. It feels good owning something that isn't as mainstream or boring like some of the Breitlings. Almost every day since I received this watch I have people in my squadron asking me about the watch and the company. Catherine was kind enough to mail me the current product brochure (which is super cool by the way) and I have it at work for people to flip through.

    On a side note, a few months ago I ran into a pilot here who had ejected from a T-6 Texan II a year or so prior to our meeting. I had heard of the Martin Baker watch for pilots who eject using one of their seats but had never seen the watch in person. He was telling me his ejection story and I was curious about the watch which he was kind enough to show me. After seeing the MB1 on his wrist I kind of realized these watches are unique and I had to have one. Anyway, I am by no means a professional photographer but here are some amateur photos of my new Globemaster. I love the grey leather strap and the black NATO strap as well. I haven't had time to adjust the size of the bracelet yet and it is too big to wear currently. One question I have that I hope someone can answer is how do the leather and NATO strap hold up to a lot of sweat? The summer temps here are always in the 90's and 100's and I am concerned the leather or the NATO strap will start to get gross with all the sweat. I plan on switching to the metal bracelet to help with that problem before it gets too much warmer though.

    Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you and read all of your stories. At the very least, this site has fueled my desire to save up again to add another Bremont or two to my collection and maybe get my wife one of the smaller Bremonts.







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    Such a great looking watch. Would swap my white WT for that face immediately if I could. That colour works perfectly with it.

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    Welcome to the club, it's a great watch and holds up really well while on the job. Mine gains 1-2 sec a day and it's on my wrist daily. Sure the jet has left a mark or two on the case but watches are for wearing, it's going to happen. The Bremont bug bit me real good after receiving the watch. You are right about Breitling, it's kind of the "go-to" pilots watch, I was about 3 weeks out from buying one until someone saved me from making a big mistake. I just picked up a MBII, and now have to alternate which is on my wrist. The canvas gets funky, but nothing the washing machine can't fix. I put it (the NATO) in a sock and wash it, it comes out fresh for another month or so. My Globemaster is on the steel bracelet in the summer, and on a vintage dark brown in the winter. Great color choice! It's exclusive to only the military version and it matches the plane.

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    It looks good, man. Glad you like it. I'm looking at a 37mm for my wife, too...when funds become available. :-)
    - TexZan -

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    BBJ77--send some of your best shots to and they will post to the new page. Great color combo by the way. Looks awesome! Nemo

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    Civilian envy……. great looking watch, although I love my ALT1-C & ALT1-P.
    Good to hear the bug catching!

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