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Thread: Any views on the 'Swiss made' changing to ' London'?

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    Any views on the 'Swiss made' changing to ' London'?

    As above I just think the Swiss made is like a sign of a very good watch in the watch world and changing to London kind of spoils it... I know they are British and trying to keep it in house with the manufacturing etc but what do you all think?

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    To be honest I rather like it. Bremont is a proudly English brand and this is something that should be trumpeted in an industry that is knee-deep in Swiss - or worse faceless international - companies. I don't think the "Swiss made" mark really suggests that a watch is very good or not any more. Tag, for example, is "Swiss made" but have (IMHO) gone right down hill in recent years in terms of both brand and watch quality. Bremonts are every bit as good as Omegas, Breitlings, Panerais (I've tried enough of them on recently!) and maybe even better. Those in the know know. Those that don't can either seek to educate themselves or remain in the dark and keep believing that Swiss = The Best. Their loss!

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    Mine says Swiss Made but I'd be very happy for it to say London. For a proper British brand having Swiss Made on the dial undermines it a little. And with the Bremont boutique it's genuine when previously Henley-on-Thames isn't London.

    And if it's true that Swiss Made models are becoming collectors items then that's also great!

    I'm very happy to be corrected here, in that even with London on the dials, it's not an in-house Britsh-manufactured movement just that the swiss made parts are completely assembled in Henley rather than Switzerland and therefore allows a non-Swiss Made stamp.

    So for me, 'London' gets a thumbs up.

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    Both my Bremont's are London and not Swiss, happy that is the case and Bremont have been making their watches for 6 mths or a little longer like this.

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    Ahh fair one, yeah I'm not an expert on watches so I did think Swiss made stamp was a sign of a very good watch but I can totally see what you mean with the tag watches and yeah London probably isn't too bad... I guess it was kind of my first reaction

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    Yeah they must've just started doing the London ones when I left the country, it's all still fairly new to me.
    As for the Swiss made ones becoming collectors models, does this mean they will increase in value?

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    For me London is another good distinguishing feature of Bremont.

    Also, in the good (very) old days = London clock and watchmaking ruled the world so Bremont are following an old established tradition.

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    Hi Liam

    My view is that the Swiss Made pieces are worth holding on to just in case, but also I would like to own a London branded watch too as it signifies the development of the brand now the new facility is up and running in Henley.

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    The "London" on the dial was actually one of the primary reasons I bought a Bremont.

    Long live "London" on the dial :-)


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    Quote Originally Posted by evosam View Post
    The "London" on the dial was actually one of the primary reasons I bought a Bremont.

    Long live "London" on the dial :-)


    Ditto .. It's part of the Bremont DNA

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