If any members or visitors to the site are fans of Formula 1 then have a look at this brilliant race prediction site that will be running throughout the upcoming F1 season called 'myF1'

It is an up to the second 'fantasy league' style interactive race game and Bremont will be counting down the clock to every race on the site!

The first race is this weekend so sign up for FREE by going to myF1.me ...

There will be Bremont prizes for EVERY race winner and the eventual winner will WIN a $4000 timepiece from Bremont Watches.

Based on the pictures used on this promotion the prize looks to be a Bremont BC-S2 Black/Green which has to be one of the most underrated Bremont Watches there is... With that a perfect excuse to show some pictures of this wonderful Bremont!

Good Luck all and Bring the PRIZE home to ALT1TUDE!!!