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Thread: Metal bracelet for MB2?

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    Metal bracelet for MB2?

    Does anybody know a metal bracelet which fits the MB2? For summer holidays I would prefer a metal one instead of my kevlar and strap. Thanks!

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    I believe all the steel bracelets are the same but use different end fittings for the different models, however Bremont do not recommend using a bracelet on the MB or U-2 as it will badly scratch the anodized barrel. Having said that, I have seen a photo of an MB on a bracelet so the fittings must be available. Another (much cheaper!) option for holidays would be the Bremont NATO which really suits the MB or try a Gas Gas Bones Zero Zero - pretty much the same strap and only 29!

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    There are a couple of options...

    Go bremont OEM - Whilst it's correct, not recommended for MBII lots of military people go we these bracelets. I believe the BC-S2 / Solo shoulders are the ones to order or use for correct fitting.

    Alternatively; you could try a mesh bracelet - which would fit the 22mm lugs nicely and (hopefully) not cause problems with the case

    22mm Mesh Bracelet in More Parts, Tools & Guides Parts | eBay

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    Or the Bremont rubber or my favorite firehose Click image for larger version. 

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    I feel the same way, I love my mb, but really prefer a bracelet.
    I can't imagine flipping it, so I'm okay with a little damage to the case (it is a tool watch after all), my fear is how secure it will be. I put my watches through a lot, and even the bracelet on my rolex deep sea has been known to creak - I'd hate to lose my mb because the bracelet isn't designed for that particular model.
    If you do decide to try it, I'd be very interested in the results.

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    Hi, having been a viewer for some time, this is my first post on the forum. I actually hadn't realised metal bracelets are not recommended for the MBII but randomly swopped the one off my BC-S2 recently, and think it actually looks better than the leather strap, and is a great fit

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry, but I think the bracelet fit looks pretty awful in the second picture.....


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    Covering so much of the colored barrel with steel end links feels like a crime. Loses some of its character in my opinion.

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    I know this is an older forum topic but I just chatted with Bremont today about this same subject. They recommended the S500 bracelet and indicated the end links would fit. I'll be ordering one fairly soon and will post an update then.
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    You will get different opinions on whether or not you should put an MB on a bracelet, but that is the beauty of Bremont and the MB's, they look amazing regardless. I have my MB1 on a bracelet and wouldn't have it any other way..........until I get another MB series anyway. If you change back and forth between the bracelet and another strap then you might see some of the mentioned wear on the barrel, but if it is always on the bracelet then you don't see it anyway. I look forward to seeing some photos!

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