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Thread: New Purchase- U251Jet

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    New Purchase- U251Jet

    Hi all,

    Itís been a while since my last post, but wanted to share a few pics of the U251 Jet I just picked up. Iím over the moon with it.

    It came on the open end DLC bracelet, but Iíve swapped it out for the Temple Island rubber. Iíll probably try the bracelet at some point, but Iím really enjoying it on rubber at the moment.

    Unsurprisingly, it wears a lot like my MBII, but the DLC case produces an entirely different impression on the wrist. The clean dial design and blued hands make for a highly legible design. Also, Iíve never been big on the day complication, so Iím happy with just the date display (although a no date would have been ideal).

    I think this oneís a keeper. ;-)

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    What a great new purchase - you certainly donít see too many of them about at the moment. Enjoy the watch, and let us know your thoughts after itís been one the wristí for a while!


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    Very nice indeed, I like the way the blue hands stand out, enjoy.

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    Really nice watch!

    When it was first released I thought t would suit a NATO strap with dlc metalware but Bremont didn't do one at the time......

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    Nice. Very, very nice! I have been looking at these, among many others recently!!
    Now did you wear that colour top just to highlight those blued hands....??!!

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    Thanks for the kind words, gents! Iíve got some additional straps coming in and will be sure to post some shots. Also, I did wear the blue sweatshirt t bring out the hands.

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