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Thread: The long awaited Black vintage strap

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    The long awaited Black vintage strap

    I believe it's finally available to buy... the Bremont black vintage.

    This strap, like the newer brown vintage has a nubuck texture and looks really nice!

    I can imagine this being perfect on an MBII orange (Personally didn't find the orange going well with the brown) SOLO, AL1-C Anthracite... basically anything black or grey!

    This is a photo of a sample, so it's been worn (hence some of the marks) but looks great and I believe is available to buy from the Bremont Boutique but NOT the online boutique just yet. It's a bit of a pig to photograph, because it looks a bit 'blue' but is inky black in real life!

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    That looks amazing, should look good on the SE......

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    Cool Looking. I thinks should get pics with watch it's looking better...

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    Are there any pics on a watch would love to see how this looks, only seen the really small ALT1-C pic on twitter so far.

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