Poll: Will you reserve an ALT1TUDE SE on 1st March?

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Thread: So who's going to reserve an SE?

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    So who's going to reserve an SE?

    All going well, anyone who wants one should be able to reserve an SE from NEXT FRIDAY (1st March) onwards.

    I thought I'd do a poll prior to launch to see how close people are to reserving a watch.

    Appreciate it's not out yet but wanted to gauge people's feelings on potentially reserving one from 1st March onwards

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    100% sure here! Even added it to my signature!
    No longer a fan boy...

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    75% sure, it will depend on final price and if I've got enough pennies )

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    I would probably have bought one if I hadn't bought the watch gallery version and two other watches last week. Have really spend my money for this year already
    Iwc Big Pilot
    Bremont Boeing Model 1 White
    Panerai Pam 305
    Panerai Pam 422
    Ball Diver Chronometer
    Ball Fireman II
    Lum-Tec M54 Bronze 24/200

    Worn in that order

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    For me really depends on price and how limited this watch is, if it is only a SE with future run offs I will leave it until I have actually found a job, I am currently living off my army lump sum and pension. If a LE of a small run off, say less than 100 I will probably purchase. So 50/50 at mo

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    Andy, It will be a one-off under 100 for sure

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    Philadelphia, USA
    I really hope to add a 3rd Bremont to my collection.... hopefully I can afford it!!
    Current Bremont Watch List:
    Bremont P-51, ALT1-C, ALT1-B, AC1, Alt1tude SE

    The Other Stuff:
    Rolex, Oak & Oscar, ML Ponto S Diver, Longines, Seiko, G-Shock, Tag Heuer

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    Very likely once I see it

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    Will definitely depend on the design/unique features.

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    It looks like I definitely will. This would be my third Bremont in my current collection and fourth Bremont owned overall.

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