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Thread: The 'Waiting for the SE' competition....

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    a) U2
    b) DLC
    c) Anthracite
    d) Yellow
    e) DLC solid with Felix logo engraved where MB logo would be
    f) Yellow numerals on inner bezel, yellow seconds hand borrowed from MBI, "Alt1tude" logo on dial where "Automatic" would normally be written, Felix head/bomb symbols on faces of the two crowns instead the Bremont logos.

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    Had a new thought. Won't be tallied or count, but would be cool and wanted to share.
    A-MB/U2 chassis
    B-Stainless Steel finish
    C-Black Barrel
    D-Grey dial with applied black font numbers and black Bremont logo
    E-Exhibition with painted black or DLC rotor.
    F-MB1 outer bezel and second hand. Felix at 9:00 like the IAF MBII. Yellow triangle on dial. "Alt1tude" where "anti-shock" would be. Stealthy

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    i might have to sell my Supermarine to get one of these

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    This is closed now - I'll do the scoring and will present the finalists who will go into the draw.

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