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Thread: P51 goodies

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    P51 goodies

    if you buy Bremont P51, Kate Von Dutch will tattoo you this :


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    Thats gonna hurt. Rib ink can be painful.


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    Hmm, in today's Telegraph magazine, p19, it suggests that Kate Middleton should buy Wills a P-51 as a wedding gift. Not sure the tat would suit him though!!

    Now, if he promises to give it back and he asks me nicely I'll lend him my ALT1-C for the big day which was bought for me by my wife as a wedding present and proudly worn on our big day!!

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    prefer the watch......................not too sure on the ink.
    is that who I think it is? the infamous Lindsay Lohan?!

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    God no Si, not Lindsay Lohan. Your antivirus would have blocked her if it was.

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