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Thread: Price increases- February 1st

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    Price increases- February 1st

    Hi, I ordered a new Solo today to pick up next week, while ordering the AD informed me of impending price increases on the 1st I.e. one week, does anyone know the percentage increase?

    Might be better to order my MB2 now?

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    I've looked into this - Prices will officially be increased on 15th Feb in both the UK and USA. I believe most retailers have already been informed of this - I do not personally know by how much the increase will be though - Bremont may communicate this rise via Facebook as well.

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    It'll probably be a big one, the new head office needs to be paid for somehow...

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    That means sales forcasts must be really good.

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    It could be positive for second hand values in the long term too. Fiscal drag to the good!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Afhgus View Post
    It could be positive for second hand values in the long term too.
    That means nothing if you plan on keeping your sweet Bremonts.

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    I agree, but there is long term and there is long term! Maybe it will give a boost to residuals short term too. Would be nice, but of course, I'm planning on selling mine anyway! I spent far too much time on my purchase so someone else can have it for less.
    No joke.


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    A fair point indeed. I just never plan on selling my precious ones.

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