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Thread: SOLO - Any guesses as to what the range might look like?

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    SOLO - Any guesses as to what the range might look like?

    We all had a nice surprise last week, when Bremont officially announced their 'unseen' SOLO range. Gossip and rumour has it that it's a classic pilot style watch. The picture posted on Facebook of the 'Sad Duck' (Pilot dial symbol of two dots and a triangle at 12 o'clock) only goes to support this rumor...

    We only have a week to wait until the SOLO range is exhibited but until then, I've guessed at what it could consist of below...

    I'm making these assumptions based on the fact that Bremont ALREADY produce a perfectly excellent entry-level pilot watch in the shape of the BC-S2 - so I am guessing to make this range stand on it's own there's GOT to be some differences! (And no I haven't seen anything!)

    The current BC-S2:

    So for SOLO:
    1) Case - 43mm?
    This should(?) be easy to guess - as most Bremont's have a 43mm case. I suspect the bezel will be classic like the BC-S2 and ALTs - So not different from our BC-S2 above. If they polished the bezel it would appear to stand out more than the BC-S2 and this style has been done on a number of classic 'pilot' style models.

    2) Barrel - Stainless steel?
    Could it be a standard PVD style barrel as in the BC-S2 / Alts? .... or I suspect they might do something which is more 'classic' looking - ie a plain flat stainless steel barrel or a stainless steel version of the PVD one?

    Keeping it in the same material but possibly not the same finish (ie brushed if the bezel is polished) would give it that 'pilot look'......??

    I suspect the thickness will be somewhere between BC-S2 and MBII as they would be non-chrono?

    3) Lugs - 22mm?
    I think the case lugs could be the same as the BC-S2 / ALTs and the same brushed finished?

    4) Caseback - Stainless steel?
    Rather than exhibition, like the BC-S2 I suspect the caseback will be solid stainless steel.

    5) Dial - No date, simplified?
    My guess is there could be NO date, keeping it strictly simple.
    If there is a date then I doubt there would be a 'day' as well - if there was - would it appear different to a BC-S2? I suspect the markings on the dial would show the hours and seconds but NOT the inner circle with minute (5,10,15 etc) markings - So something like the MBII.

    6) Hands
    The hands on the ALTs and BC are elegant and thin. I am guessing the hands on the SOLO range might be more in keeping with the MBII / U2 which are more 'classic' pilot style 'sword' hands... ??

    7) Seconds - circular seconds?
    A couple of options here: Bremont either have NO seconds hand, a central hand or a classic small 'circular' seconds hand, possibly positioned at 6 or 9 o'clock?

    8) Strap - Vintage style brown
    I think the stitched vintage style brown strap would look excellent on any pilot style watch!...

    9) Dial / colours - Black and Cream?
    Finally - I guessing the solo range may come in 2 or 3 colours. My thinking here is a classic black, and then possibly an 'ALT-C' classic cream. The third colour could be silver, or might we possibly see a DLC version? We don't currently have a silver BC-S2 and of course the cream would be a great 'Bremont' brand statement like the ALT1-C cream/

    What's your thoughts on this? Personally I can't wait to see what they come up!!!!

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    Hmm interesting, I think you could be spot on with most of those predictions, looking at the pic I wonder if the bezel duck will rotate? the name itsself, SOLO could this refer to a small sub seconds perhaps or am I reading too much into this. An exhibition caseback or option of one would be nice.

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    thanks jon. i love sub seconds and having one on a 'base' bremont would be very cool!

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    Another thing I was thinking of, is perhaps the watch may have a more interesting 'crown' - typically traditional pilot watches have 'diamond' or 'onion' crowns - but the BC-S2 rage has very minimal crowns. I'm not sure a diamond crown would look good.... but I can imagine a slightly different style could make the watch really stand out!

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