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Thread: Disappointed with Bremont.

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    Disappointed with Bremont.

    Hi all,

    This is my first post and unfortunately is a negative one and I felt I had to post.

    I bought a Solo in late September new from a shop and within two months the watch was running down in the mornings. The rotor didn't seem to be spinning round easily and it looked the watch wasn't winding up through normal wrist movement.

    I returned the watch to the shop just over a week and half ago with the promise that the turn around time for repair was two weeks. I checked with customer services yesterday and they quoted 7 weeks. I feel very disappointed with this brand, especially as my wife who bought me the watch for my birthday wanted to buy me a Tag, Omega or Breitling and couldn't understand why I was so adamant that I wanted a Bremont. It seems her fears were well founded. After researching the purchase for a while Bremont looked like a solid well built reliable timepiece.

    The fact that the watch failed so soon after purchase and that it will be in repair almost as long as I have owned it is a real disappointment. Browsing these forums people here seem to have had fantastic service and love the product but I'm just not feeling it which is a real real shame as I love the design the look and what the brand stands for.

    Anyway sorry for waffling on. But I feel a bit of a mug and I hope this is not the norm.
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    Sorry for your unfortunate issue. Was it Bremont customer service or your dealer customer service you went through?
    Were you able to find out what the exact issue is? That may make a difference if Bremont themselves are waiting for parts. I would think you should get some sort of explanation.

    In my case the turn around time was exactly one week from the day I sent it to the day I received it back, but that was just for a re-regulating. As far as the seven week repair time that is still better than what I have experienced with other brands. I know with Omega and Breitling 7 Weeks is the norm if not longer.

    Good luck
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    Welcome to the forum!

    But I am not sure I get your point. I will tell you that all other brands have some problems at some point. I have a friend who had to send his 70k$ Rose Gold JLC Grand Réveil not once but twice to JLC! Am I saying JLC is not good? Nope. It is arguably the best watch company in the world. These are fine mechanical watches and they sometimes break.

    Seven weeks sounds a bit long, but it is not unheard of and as the previous poster said quite the norm if not longer. Don't think for a second that other brands are better because if Bremont proved one thing in the short time they've been on the market, it's that their customer service is as good as it gets.

    I bought a Breitling who had a glitch from day one. They also never sent me the Breitling package they were supposed when I bought it. We're dealing with humans and stuff do happen. But one thing for sure, I never heard of anyone on any forum that has been let down by Bremont. You will not be the first.

    Let us know how it turns out.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry to hear about this I'll fwd along to Bremont to see if they know about this issue.

    You haven't told us where you are from? Not sure if its the UK? Just so you know all watches have to return to the UK to be serviced / repaired... You bought the watch September and it went wrong sometime in November is that correct? It is the busiest time for the year for Bremont because they were getting many watches built for Christmas Including the Victory and They're in the process of moving offices - They've been building a new purpose built facility which has taken a year to complete..... plus I expect the 7 week wait time was due to most of the UK being off over Christmas.

    I can honestly say that Bremont makes up for alot more than the common high street brands like tag, breitling that you see nearly every person wearing... And I think if you had a similar issue with the other brands you mentioned then you'd be waiting alot longer than 7 weeks for sure!!

    Leave it with me and I'll see if I can shed any light on your problems.

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    Thanks for the responses. Sorry if I came across a bit emotional. My frustration lies in the fact that I normally buy a new watch every 4 years or so and this one matched a birthday and was the most expensive watch I have ever bought. I'd read a lot about Bremont and as I am interested in watches anyway they looked like a cool new brand and the type of thing I wanted. The fact the watch has gone into repair when its brand new is what is upsetting me and that its easily the most expensive watch I have ever bought. I am sure this is just an anomoly and as indicated above other buyers have experience similar things with different manufacturers but the fact is in repair still rankles. I also accept that a 7 week repair time is probably standard but when I've only had it a few weeks it seems worse.

    For information though I am UK based and returned the watch the shop I bought it from in Tunbridge Wells and they were great and really helpful. I bought the watch in September and noticed it running down in November. I held off sending it in pre-Christmas as I know most places shut down around that time.

    Thanks for any help you give me.

    Sorry to be a pain!

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    I just bought a new amp from Sony. Out of the box the damn thing keeps going into mute mode for no reason. It's stuff, it happens. Usually stuff breaks at the beginning of its useful life and at the very end. Should it happen? no. But that's why things come with a warranty. My 911 turbo transmission needs replacement too, thank god for warranties...

    Be sure to let us know how it turns out.
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    Bremont watches are put together by human beings. As such, there will always be the occasional lemon that squeezes by Q.C.

    A fact you'll encounter with every brand. Unfortunately, sounds like you got one of those lemons. It can be frustrating, but it happens. Dust on the dial (under the crystal) of Rolex watches. 1/2 click misaligned bezels on Omega PO models (meaning the misalignment can't be fixed without physically taking off the bezel). Literally countless complaints regarding stripped crowns on TAG Heuer Aquaracer models. And so on. Pick a brand, and you'll find issues.

    In your case, give Bremont a chance to fix it and make things right. Very few watch brands actually have a rock solid reputation for customer care and service. Bremont is one of those. TAG Heuer definitely isn't one. Customers complaining about their defective Aquaracers were told that the warranty doesn't cover stripped crowns, that the owner simply must have abused the watch, and repair will cost an average of $300. Only very recently did TAG decide to cover defective 500M models. But still refuses to cover other Aquaracers in their line. IWC? . . . Their customer service is one notch above taking customers around back to the alley, stealing their wallets, kicking them in the crotch, and then spitting on them.

    You've had one issue. I understand your frustration. But it's been one issue with one watch. Give Bremont a chance to do right by you. Give them a chance to fix it, return it, then we'll see if it's in perfect working order or it's still having issues.

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    Just to let everyone know, I chased this with Bremont today and the watch was already fixed and being tested and sent out later this week.. and have informed Tomas. Thats a two week turnaround, which I think is superb service!

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    Alt1tude thanks so much for your help and I can't believe how much help everyone has been on here. What started off as frustration has changed and restored my faith. I really appreciate the help and the quick turn around of the watch. Also seems like a great community on here!
    Cheers guys.

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    G-F...I'll take that 911 off your hands if you don't want it...:-)
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