I'd like to personally welcome all the new members who have recently joined the site! Whether you're looking to buy a Bremont for the first time or already own a number of models, please tell us a bit about yourself and post up:

Your name (or nickname)
Your location
Bremont(s) you own ... or
Bremont(s) you are planning on buying...
Favourite Bremont watch (can be anything!)

Feel free to attach / link any pictures of your Bremonts - the more we see the better!

First up then is me:

Piers, based in Oxfordshire UK (Bremont Country )
I own a Bremont BC-S2 White and a Martin Baker MBII 'Orange'.
My favourite Bremont model ever is the EP120, followed closely by the MBII Orange.

Bremont MBII Orange (On Orange..)

Bremont BC-S2 White