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Thread: Which Bremont(s) do you own?

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    Feb 2011

    Which Bremont(s) do you own?

    I'd like to personally welcome all the new members who have recently joined the site! Whether you're looking to buy a Bremont for the first time or already own a number of models, please tell us a bit about yourself and post up:

    Your name (or nickname)
    Your location
    Bremont(s) you own ... or
    Bremont(s) you are planning on buying...
    Favourite Bremont watch (can be anything!)

    Feel free to attach / link any pictures of your Bremonts - the more we see the better!

    First up then is me:

    Piers, based in Oxfordshire UK (Bremont Country )
    I own a Bremont BC-S2 White and a Martin Baker MBII 'Orange'.
    My favourite Bremont model ever is the EP120, followed closely by the MBII Orange.

    Bremont MBII Orange (On Orange..)

    Bremont BC-S2 White

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    Budapest, Hungary
    Newbie chiming in I'm Tamas, based in Dunakeszi, Hungary. I don't yet own a Bremont, since I only recently got interested in the brand. I didn't even know about Bremont until a couple of months ago -- even though I'm a watch nut for over 2 years now. I'm planning on buying a U-2 LE, or in case I run out of time, a U2 DLC. This is my favorite Bremont, although I quite fancy the P-51 and the MBII as well. Quite frankly, I never thought I'd want a PVD/DLC treated watch, but the U-2 is an immensely cool watch with a great story, a rugged and unique construction, and a very handsome face.

    I'll wait until Basel (only 9 days from now) to see how the new Bremont Solo would be like, and after then -- if all goes well -- I'll order my U-2.

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    Welcome Tamas! U2 ltd edition would be an excellent choice! Look forward to seeing your photos when you've finally made your mind up.

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    Hi Everybody,

    I'm Rich in Shropshire with a lovely anthracite ALT1-C which will be the only watch I'll ever need. Well, for the next couple of days at least. I'll soon work out how to upload photos of it!!

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    I'm in Washington, DC. I've got a dark grey ALT1-Z pictured below (in the pic you can barely see the leather strap, but I now have it on the steel bracelet. I've also purchased a P-51 which should arrive in 6-8 months, or so I'm told. Will post pics once it arrives. Very excited.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bremont ALT1-Z.jpg 
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    One of these days I'm going to have to get an MBII. Love the look of it on the orange strap.

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    Feb 2011
    Des fae Surrey,

    I have a black 'P, anthracite 'C and an anthracite MBII. Not much more that I want now, but let's see what Basel brings!

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    ALT1-C creme, orange MB1.5 and the blue SM500. Should have bought an EP120. Fancy the black / green SC, and looking forward to the Solo.

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    Long Island, New York
    I'm Jay from Long Island, New York. I've posted up my BRG ALT1-C on another thread.

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    Philippe, from France, NANCY (east), no Bremont.......MBII orange and U2 LE are my pets !!!

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    Martin-Baker No. 0178

    The MBII is the second Bremont I've owned, my introduction to the brand was through a white-dialed BC which I purchased second hand, although it was quickly replaced by the MB as I fell for the good looks & R&D on this model!

    I wear it on a black NATO with PVD fittings which suits it well...


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