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Thread: Which watch do you regret selling?

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    Question Which watch do you regret selling?

    Hello all how is it going.
    So I am back with a new tread.
    In this thread you will have to answer this question "Which watch do you regret selling"?
    Personally I don't sell my watches whatsoever but I regret giving my Citizen Quartz watch to my cousin because I love to wear that watch as it looks great on my wrist.
    Now it's your turn.

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    EP120. Felt right at the time and got decent money for it but still miss it from time to time.
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    Worn in that order

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    My 16753. Service Bellini dial. Shouldn’t have sold it, but it stopped and I needed a watch stat.

    Sold it for my Bremont Alt1!

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    My biggest regret was selling this to get the Ceramic GMT.

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    Life is too short for regrets.

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