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Thread: Which Bremont(s) do you own?

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    Howdy all!

    James from Vancouver, Canada / Göteborg, Sweden
    No Bremont yet but am drooling daily over the MBII series!

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    Martin-Baker No. 0178

    The MBII is the second Bremont I've owned, my introduction to the brand was through a white-dialed BC which I purchased second hand, although it was quickly replaced by the MB as I fell for the good looks & R&D on this model!

    I wear it on a black NATO with PVD fittings which suits it well...


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    Milwaukee, WI

    MB 1.5 orange.

    My go to watch since I received it.

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    Litchfield Park, Arizona, United States

    MBI #5702 with RED case

    Here is my new MBI I just got from BREMONT thanks to Martin Baker! Cheers Jim
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    Alt1-C Green Located in NJ (USA)

    Hi All - Mark from New Jersey (exit 13!) with an Alt1-C Green. My most fun watch to wear!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_NJ View Post
    Hi All - Mark from New Jersey (exit 13!) with an Alt1-C Green. My most fun watch to wear!!

    Greetings Mark, nice to see that lovely green / tan combo again.

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    John K
    Long Island, NY
    Currently wear

    My favorite Bremont is definately the EP120 for a few reasons, but the best reason is that it was my first exposure to the brand through an article in IW magazine. I am also very excited for the release of the P51.
    My next was going to be the U2 in either DLC or Steel, however Piers, after seeing your MBII in orange on that orange strap, I may bite off of you and make that my next....
    Either way I'm sure to post it up here

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    Hi All, Oliver from Germany.
    Unfortunately i don´t own a Bremont yet since it´s not available here, at least not at a local dealer, and i prefer to have a watch in my hands first before i spend a few thousand Euros on it. But i will be in London over Easter, so i hope to get to see and touch one there at a local dealer. From the pictures i prefer a MBII or an ALT1-P or Z.

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    New England
    Cheers...hello from across the pond here in New England. My first Bremont was the BC-S1/Bk. I did not not have it long before I decided I wanted to get another. I had a past ties to the Martin Baker because I was MB ejection qualified to fly in the Grumman Mohawk. The US Army used to fly them and it was ejection seat equiped. I got ejected on a trainer, up a rail on half charge, quite a ride. I also had strong feelings for the U2 LE, since I was involved with the TR1/U2 program for Pratt and Whitney. We overhauled the J75 engines for many years until they were re-engined with GE's. I went with the U2 the dial. Now you just have to do a F22 Raptor or DH-2 Beaver. Two of my many favorite aircraft.

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    Jean-Francois, from Canada. I own a black Supermarine. I'd really love to own a MB1.5. But I think the Supermarine is the best looking watch in the Bremont line up!

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