I thought youíd all be interested in seeing this new strap combination that Iíve got for my Bremont BC-S2 white. When I saw that the Martin Baker cream canvas straps where being put into production (Made in Britain, By Carl ĎGas Gas Bonesí) I had to get one of these as I felt the colours would compliment the watch and give it a more Ďmilitaryí inspired feel I wanted.

A bit of background about the watch: The BC range is the Ďentry levelí range from Bremont, these come in two versions, the S1 at 39mm and the S2 at 43mm which is very similar in form to the ALTs and Martin Baker watches - however is slightly more slimmer in appearance. The designs are inspired by original wartime aircraft instruments, uses modified 2836 swiss movement (called the BE-36AE) and central to the design is Bremontís excellent Trip-Trick case design. (more information on the watch can be found here).

I went for a white dial (which is actually off white, you can tell this by comparing the dial with the date window) because all Iíve ever owned is black dials and I wanted something lighter for the summer! You may also note that some earlier models of this had silver hands, where as itís now sold with black ones which have a better contrast.

Iíve know had this watch for nearly two months, have worn it nearly everyday and the case still looks perfect like new - plus itís the most accurate watch Iíve owned, it must be down to the COSC regulation on the movement?

About the strap: This canvas strap is an alternative colour version to the black one which is supplied with all Martin Baker II watches. I think itís designed specifically for MBII, but as most Bremontís are 43mm case and 22mm lugs this can be placed on pretty much any of the ALTs, Supermarines or BCs as I have done. At a recent launch event, I saw quite a few people using their canvas straps on other models, which goes to show how popular they really are.

For me, the strap is perfect for this watch, because the black compliments the hands and the cream colour is almost a perfect match to the secondary numbers (1,3,5 etc).

Based on the military inspired colours, I think this strap would be perfect on the ALT1-Z cream, but also the classic ALT1-C cream as well.

Right, hope you enjoy the photos...!

Hereís some wrist shots to finish off with!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy this new combo!