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  1. Smallest Vs Largest Wrist Watch in the world.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 101
    This is the world's smallest mechanical watch movement, and is almost 90 years old. The Jeager-LeCoultre Calibre 101 measures 14mm in length, 4.8mm wide and 3.4mm thick....
  2. Looking for a Hybrid watch that displays message content

    Is there a hybrid watch out there that will display the first few words or scroll through the first few words of a text message instead of just vibrating and indicating that I have a text.

    If you...
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    Top 5 Watches you always dream of buying.

    Hello all Welcome to this post..!

    This thread is all about your dream watches you would like to buy if money was no problem.
    I know we all love to buy royal luxury watches but due to our budget...
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    Which watch do you regret selling?

    Hello all how is it going.
    So I am back with a new tread.
    In this thread you will have to answer this question "Which watch do you regret selling"?
    Personally I don't sell my watches whatsoever...
  5. Expensive and attractive Packaging Vs Simple?

    This question is quite simple and there can be two possible answers One is I don't care about packaging It's the watch I wear.
    Or it can be packaging matters..!
    What do you think? Is packaging...
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    Looking for Recommendations?

    Does anyone know a reputable smart watch brand selling good stuff at affordable prices?
    Thanks in advance..!
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    Your cheapest watch of 2020?

    Hello all hope you guys having fun..!

    This is totally a new thread I hope you will enjoy.

    So, Show us what you have got in 2020 which you can call cheap?
  8. Thanks for sharing.:o

    Thanks for sharing.:o
  9. I think we're going to see a color explosion in watch dials very soon

    I think we're going to see a color explosion in watch dials very soon in big brands across the board to boot.

    not just your average dial colors either. i'm talking showstoppers. the kind where...
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    What Did You Buy Recently?(Watches)

    Everyone is welcome to share..!
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    Best packing and shipping practices?

    Greetings all,
    What is in your opinion the best way to pack a watch to minimize risks of theft?

    I used to think a padded jiffy envelope surrounded by lots of tape, glue, staples would be more...
  12. Why is there no news out there since so long?

    Do you guys have any idea why is there no news out there?
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    How many watches do you own?

    I have 6 with me right now?
  14. Hello There...! Have You Ever Lost Your Watch?

    I know it hurts when you lost your watch but due to our irresponsible behaviours we have lost many of them in our lives. How many of them have you lost till now?
    I have lost 10's of my precious...
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    Is bremont packaging presentable?

    I have seen a lot of reviews about their product but I have no idea about their Packaging Quality. Being a very well known brand I think they would have great packaging experience isn't it?
    Let me...
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