• Welcome to the Bremont Alt1tude SE301!

    We are very proud to introduce the second ALT1TUDE Forum Special Edition: the Bremont SE301! This is a totally new model designation and hopefully represents the unique nature of what we have designed!

    As you know, this is a special watch created in conjunction with Bremont Military and Special Projects, especially for - and to celebrate - The Best of Bremont Online, the Alt1tude Forum!

    The watch is based upon the retail S301, as voted for buy the forum, but with several not seen before differences - therefore meaning it is strictly limited to just 30 pieces.

    First of all, wed like to thank the members of this forum for their input, ideas and support bringing this watch to fruition: hopefully you can see some of your ideas reflected in this final design. Wed like to specifically recognise Ryan, whos help with mocking up different concept ideas was instrumental in this project moving forward. You may notice some things have changed between the concepts and the final design, this reflects the design process and what was and was not possible when it came to discussing the idea with Bremont.

    Now, on to the watch. We have teased out all the features separately over the past 12 days, but here they are again:

    You may notice that this is the bezel from the S300 - we loved the inverted red triangle so much the we thought it had to be included, and using the S300 bezel allowed us to achieve that!

    Next up are the hour and minute hands: these are totally unique and never before seen on a Bremont at this level and not at all on the Supermarine range. They are blued steel and add a really subtle hint of colour to the watch. For the seconds hand, we have gone for a red tip to help balance the dial and the colour of the vintage markers, again the hand is blued steel.

    On the dial itself, we have ALT1TUDE branding placed subtly below the Bremont logo at 12H, and at 6H we have the FELIX Bremont Mascot, but this time with a twist..

    It is the same Felix as seen on the V1 Alt1tude SE, but this time with a grey outline and yellow bomb sparks - a subtle hint back to the yellow features of the first watch.

    Finally - a MAJOR never before seen feature of the SE301 is the caseback. We wanted to go for something totally different, is unique, and that will hopefully appeal to the Bremont geek.

    We picked this idea from the forum. We were looking for something totally different to the normal Supermarine caseback, and using the Broussard made sense for a few reasons. Let us explain..

    The Max Holste Broussard, affectionally known as the Bremont Bus', is owned by Bremont, and flown by Nick and Giles. It serves as a flying billboard for the company, and can often been seen at airshows and flying Bremont staff and ADs around at events. It is, also, where Felix can be found, sitting on the side of the aeroplane!

    Around the edge of the caseback, we have all the usual details found on the S301, but with two slight changes.

    The caseback now reads 'SE301' and has the watches unique number engraved. The free space next to this is for a custom engraving: more details are available on the order form, but you can have what you wish here: up to a maximum of 8 characters, and is unique to Bremont Military and Special Projects watches. We think it is a really neat feature and allows for you to add a personal touch to your watch.

    As seen above, the SE301 comes with a vintage brown strap, with pin buckle, and a choice of either a sand or grey NATO. You can, however, get the watch on a bracelet, with extra (or different) straps, or on a deployment buckle etc on request. More details about that on the order thread, though!

    The price is 2995 / $4095 - and a percentage of the proceeds from each watch sold will be donated to a charity of the forum's choosing: more on that later, though!

    You can preorder your SE301 now by emailing specialprojects@bremont.com or phoning them on +44 845 0940 690.

    More information on ordering your SE301 can be found HERE.

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