• Meet the Bremont Team: Paul and Samantha from the Bremont Boutique at Royal Exchange

    For our newest Q&A installment with the Bremont Team, we were able to get some time with Paul and Samantha from the Bremont Boutique at Royal Exchange, London. Special thanks to the lovely Emma Smith from Bremont HQ, who was able to sit down face-to-face with Paul and Samantha and ask these questions on our behalf. If you find yourself in London, make sure to stop by the Royal Exchange and say hello to Paul and Samantha! They have a twitter account you can follow, @BremontCity.

    Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    Paul: I am a family man; I have been married for 18years and have three Children. I have worked in the watch and jewellery industry for about 29years now. In my spare time I enjoy family days out as well as visiting the cinema with my son - I am very much looking forward to taking him to see the Kingsman Secret Service!

    Samantha: I am originally from the USA but you would not be able to tell from my accent! I moved to the UK when I was around 13 years old and have been in the watch and jewellery industry for around 6 years now. In my spare time I like to keep fit and spend time with my family, I also love to travel.

    What is your job title at Bremont?

    Paul: I am the General Manager of the Royal Exchange Boutique and have worked for Bremont since July 2012 and was originally based at the Mayfair Boutique. When the Royal Exchange store opened in November 2013 I was very excited for the opportunity and challenge of running the new store!

    Samantha: I am the Assistant Manager for the Royal Exchange Boutique and joined Bremont when the Royal Exchange store opened… WOW nearly a year ago now!

    How and when did you first learn about Bremont?

    Paul: I first heard of Bremont in 2009 whilst working for Jura watches. When I heard the story behind the company, I had to know more!

    Samantha: My sister actually introduced me to the brand, she works in the watch industry and like Paul, she was very keen to share the story. I then researched the company and loved the history and the British roots, topped off with the classic watch designs, what more could you ask!

    Which Bremont watch do you wear?

    Paul: I wear the ALT1-C Black dial – I like the classic and legible dial and many people comment on the watch!

    Samantha: I wear the Solo-37/SI-RG and I think that it looks great on the bracelet as it draws out the warmth of the rose gold numerals on the dial.

    Which is your favourite Bremont model and why?

    Paul: The EP120! I love the design of the rotor, it is incredibly unique and I would be very proud to wear the watch. I always have been a fan of the Spitfire plane from a young age, building many Spitfire Airfix models. Wearing the watch would be the closest that I will get to my childhood dream!

    Samantha: I love the ALT1-C Rose gold, I am also a big fan of the Rose Gold Victory and I think that the ALT1-C/RG has many of the same classic qualities of this timepiece with the addition of simplicity and classic feel to the dial.

    What timepiece is the most popular with the City of London?

    Paul & Samantha: This has got to be the SOLO/WH-SI and the MB11/OR

    When visitors come to the Boutique, what are they most attracted to in the store?

    Paul & Samantha: We would love to hear everyone’s view on this! We have recently had a visit from Google who carried out a virtual tour of the Royal Exchange and the Boutique, please see the following link https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/...638622!6m1!1e1

    Paul: It has to be the 1953 ES2 Norton we have displayed in the boutique window, it is surprising how many people come into the store asking to buy the bike! Not many people would know that the speedometer is made by the Smiths watch company who also supplied many of the dials for the EP120 Spitfire.

    Samantha: The Martin Baker Ejector seat always draws attention as well as a conversation. It is great to be able to talk about our partnership with Martin Baker as it is a big part of our DNA. It is amazing how many people ask how they can eject and qualify for the MB1!

    What is your favourite part of working at the Royal Exchange Boutique?

    Paul: It is a great location with historic links to British watch making; Clerkenwell and the clock museum at the guild Hall are both just a stones throw away!

    Samantha: Many people that visit the Royal Exchange Boutique are already interested in watch making and have a collection, it is great to have the opportunity to introduce them to Bremont. Every person that leaves the store may not leave with a watch but they will leave with the Bremont story and experience!

    Any special stories from the Royal Exchange Boutique that you can share?

    Paul & Samantha: It was very exciting to see Nick Hewer looking into the window one morning, inspecting the ejection seat. When this became a regular occurrence we kept an eye out for Alan Sugar! Seeing the Royal Exchange on The Apprentice a few weeks back, our suspicions were confirmed.

    What excites you about the future for the Royal Exchange Boutique?

    Paul & Samantha: As of November we will be carrying out bespoke Chivas Whisky and private watch events. We are a fan of Alt1tude and are always keeping up to date with your posts. It would be great to meet some of you in the store and would love to hold one of these evenings dedicated to Alt1tude!

    What do you enjoy most about working for Bremont?

    Paul & Samantha: Working for Bremont is like working with an extended family, we all share the same passion and it is great to work with like-minded people!

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