• New Jaguar Collaboration: The Bremont Lightweight E-Type

    Bremont and Jaguar have just announced a special new project to celebrate the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type cars from 1963. At that time, 18 cars were planned to be produced, but only 12 ever saw the light of day. Now, Jaguar have decided to build the final 6 cars, and have chosen to solidify their relationship with Bremont by having them build 6 bespoke watches which will be paired with the cars.

    This watch looks AWESOME! The dial takes its design cues from the dash tachometer of the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type, including the "red zone" area which represented dangerous levels of RPM's. The chamfered hands also replicate the needle from the tachometer, and the serial number from the matching Jaguar car will be featured on the bottom portion of the dial.

    The crown features the tread of the Dunlop tires that came on the Lightweight E-Type, and the Jaguar logo is also present in vintage fashion.

    The watches will be made of white gold and the center barrel of the Trip-Tick case will feature Aluminum saved from the new Lightweight E-Types being produced.

    The rear exhibition case shows off the proprietary BWC/01 movement, along with an amazing rotor shaped like the Lightweight's alloy-spoked steering wheel! The rotor will feature a wooden rim from an actual steering wheel.

    Lastly, the vintage racing style leather strap will be made from the same Connolly leather that was used for the interior trim of the original Lightweight cars.

    I personally think this is a fantastic project for both Jaguar and Bremont, and am happy to see that the two companies are strengthening their existing partnership. The press release notes that the two companies plan to collaborate on several more projects in the near future, so let's hope the next run will be built in greater numbers and look just as good!

    What do you guys think of this one?
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