• Competition Time! Caption Contest

    Alright Gentlemen!

    It's been a while since we've done one of these, and after seeing the photograph of Nick English showing off the Codebreaker to the Dutchess of Cambridge, I think this picture is BEGGING for a "Caption Contest"

    So here are the rules:
    1. You must submit your entry via a post on this forum. Will accept entries with plain text, or if you'd like to "photoshop" or modify the photo with text or other images over the picture, you are welcome to submit in that fashion.
    2. This is supposed to be funny, but let's stay relatively tasteful at the same time! Any massively inappropriate submissions will be deleted by moderator judgement.
    3. One submission per member only.

    Will work on getting some prizes together that will be posted soon!

    Will accept entries until Sunday July 29 at 11:59 pm EST.

    Let's see what you've got

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    1. samuelhogg's Avatar
      samuelhogg -
      Nick - "Your Royal Highness, with these ears and nose does one look like your father-in-law? You can keep the watch for the right answer!"
    1. Lordy's Avatar
      Lordy -
      "Would you take in an Omega Seamaster as a trade in ?"
    1. ROGUETROOPER's Avatar
      So we are agreed ? This beautiful limited edition Bremont Windsor-HRH Codebreaker in exchange for a night on the town with Pippa......nudge nudge wink wink ! And to be fair there are more jewels in this than in your mother in laws bedside table 👑
    1. jwalker9's Avatar
      jwalker9 -
      We need some more entries! Would a Bremont Keyring sweeten the deal? Keep them coming!
    1. jchlu's Avatar
      jchlu -
      "I hope you like the special rotor m'lady, it's unique to your timepiece"

      "I see - so BCRAELMLOMNET is in code you say?"

    1. Jim's Avatar
      Jim -
      "Yes ma'm the codebreaker is a nice piece, but the real jewel in the crown is the invisible bremont we have here in my right palm"
    1. Oracle's Avatar
      Oracle -
      Nick attempting to find a route to a Knighthood in the New Years Honours List!
    1. neilhan68's Avatar
      neilhan68 -
      "So Mr Bremont. I should get Pippa to contact you in person to arrange a night out with something 'English' on her arm?"

    1. KildareMan's Avatar
      KildareMan -
      So that's where the battery goes?

      Err yes Mam
    1. jwalker9's Avatar
      jwalker9 -
      LAST DAY FOR SUBMISSIONS! Get them in if you want a shot at the prize!
    1. Bc321's Avatar
      Bc321 -
      Your right Duchess! All we do is build beautiful watches and those guys complain about a in house movement!

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    1. Mark B's Avatar
      Mark B -
      "Yes Ma'am, that's the deal; I'll trade you this fine timepiece for a bunch of your naked photos from the Mediterranean coast."
    1. G-F's Avatar
      G-F -
      The case is basically unscracthable. It's made from special UK steel, that has been beaten by the Uruguay soccer team.
    1. CaptLeslie's Avatar
      CaptLeslie -
      Nick, what I really wanted was an MB111 with a Bronze barrel!
    1. jwalker9's Avatar
      jwalker9 -
      Thanks to all who participated! The competition is now closed. I'll announce the winner soon.
    1. jwalker9's Avatar
      jwalker9 -
      Congrats to Johnny (jchlu), for his winning entry in our Caption Contest! Well done, sir!!
      I'll be in touch soon to arrange your prize!

      Thanks to everyone for playing!
    1. jchlu's Avatar
      jchlu -
      Much obliged, I'm honoured to be picked from a great bunch of answers!

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