• IW Magazine Watch Madness 2014: VOTE FOR BREMONT!

    IW Magazine is currently running their annual 'Watch Madness' bracket competition, which pairs up new watch releases that have received various accolades during the year in a single elimination, winner-takes-all format.

    As some of you may remember, The Bremont Victory made it into the Second Round last year, and was ahead of it's competitor when the clock struck midnight, yet the voting continued and we ended up losing by a very slim margin! We CAN'T let that happen this year!

    Bremont's awesome 2013 Limited Edition release, the CODEBREAKER has been chosen to represent the brand in the bracket this year. We are up for the first round vote on March 8th 2014, and the competition runs from midnight to midnight (or until it won't let you vote anymore!). We are up against some tough competition in the IWC Aquatimer Chronograph LE, so we will need a lot of support to VOTE the CODEBREAKER through to the next round! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

    Go here to Vote: IW Magazine - Watch Madness 2014

    Make sure to select the Bremont CODEBREAKER to submit your Vote!

    You may Vote only once (unless you know some some trickery )

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