• Meet the Bremont Team!

    We have decided to set up a new thread on the forum where users can get a chance to meet members of the team;

    Following on from their brief interview, feel free to ask questions to the individual team member and I will make sure responses are posted here.

    This week I have been speaking to Emma Smith who is head of Bremont customer services. She is responsible for answering many Bremont queries, and is known by a lot of our members already;

    ALT1- S So Emma, what does your role entail?

    ES - I work as head of the customer services department and oversee all questions that come in to Bremont, as well as dealing with all the watches coming in to the service centre. I am responsible for managing the limited edition distribution and working with our retailers to ensure they have they are happy.

    ALT1-S Which Bremont do you wear?

    ES The ALT1-C/SI with a Nubuck Strap

    ALT1-S Which is your favourite Bremont and why?

    ES The P-51, I love the styling of the watch, the history and the incredible detail. I often think I would like to wear one back to front to show off the rotor.

    ALT1-S What is your favourite part of your job?

    ES It has to be the people I work with, there is a great atmosphere at Bremont HQ and it has a really buzzy feel to it. I love being part of such an exciting brand, and working in such a positive environment.

    ALT1-S And what do you think it is about Bremont that makes it so special?

    ES I think the story behind the brand, and the fact that Nick and Giles are so accessible. They really have such enormous passion, and that truly goes in to every single watch model - each one has its own story and I love that.

    ALT1-S What are you most excited about for 2014 at Bremont?

    ES Definitely the potential of more international boutiques.

    ALT1-S Working in Customer Services, what do you get asked the most?

    ES I get asked all the time if we can make cosmetic alterations to customers watches - for example orange barrels on U2s, different hands on watches etc. This is really frustrating, of course we would love to be able to, but it is just not possible!

    ALT1-S So is there anything you dislike about your job?

    ES I dislike the fact that I can't build watches! I love watching the team produce them, and wish I could do it myself.

    Thanks Emma, and now a little trivia...

    Favourite Film?

    ES hmmm... Usual Suspects or Monsters Inc!

    Favourite Book?

    ES Currently 'The 100 year old Man who climbed out of the window and disappeared.'

    Favourite food?

    ES Steak and Oysters ( but not necessarily together! )

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    1. Alistair's Avatar
      Alistair -
      Top chick… always very helpful with me….and very good at her role… a good asset for Bremont…. have a great weekend people… A
    1. Alfred69's Avatar
      Alfred69 -
      Being new to the Bremont brand Emma has been a great help in assisting me with my search for a timepiece.
      Keep up the good work
    1. 66ELAN's Avatar
      66ELAN -
      I just recently bought my first Brmont (ALT1-P) but for several weeks prior to that Emma was answering my questions and doing far more than I would have expected. It's customer service the way it should be and the sort of attention to detail that sets Bremont ahead of most of their competitors. She is a class act working for a first rate company.
    1. ALT1-S's Avatar
      ALT1-S -
      Emma is a credit to Bremont. It really is great to hear such positive feedback.
    1. ericf4's Avatar
      ericf4 -
      she has helped me out more than a few times and is amazing...other watch companies CS don't come close most of the time...
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