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08-20-2012, 03:23 PM
Marketplace rules

2.1 As a member you are permitted to sell / trade used Bremont Watches and related accessories (i.e straps, watch winders, cases etc).

2.2 It is forbidden for an authorised dealer or someone working on their behalf to sell ‘New’ Bremont Watches or accessories on the site. The selling of used watches by an AD is fine provided they are not 'Like New'.

2.3 All sales posts must clearly state the price of the item you are selling.

2.4 Please use the following terms within the subject matter of your thread depending on your actions:
‘WTS’ or ‘FS’ > Want to Sell or For Sale
WTB > ‘Want to Buy’
WTT > ‘Want to Trade’

i.e: ‘WTT Standard Canvas strap for Short canvas strap’.

2.5 If you are a strapmaker wishing to sell straps, then please ensure the straps you present are compatible with Bremont watches (i.e.. 20 to 22mm width) The selling of different sized or format straps (i.e Panerai straps) will not be accepted.

2.6 All sales posts must be written in English.

2.7 Please wait a reasonable amount of time before ‘bumping’ sales posts. Ideally this should only be once every 24 hours.

2.8 All sales post must contain recent photos of the watch. You stand a much better chance of selling the watch if you post photos.

2.9 The moderators and admin reserve the right to delete or amend any sales post they feel is inappropriate

11-07-2014, 09:26 PM
These lost their AD status and still got a couple of watches going.