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07-29-2019, 10:35 PM
This is my accompanying letter to Bremont customer service as I send my brand new Endurance LE in for repair. To say this has rocked my faith in the company is an understatement. For a watch at 4795 I expect to be able to wear it and test its limits.

On the advice of customer services I am returning my brand new and unworn Bremont Endurance for repair. This is something that I am pretty unhappy about given Bremonts reputation for excellence and the fact that my partner just spent the best part of 5000 on it.
The crown and stem are faulty in that when the crown screws down the rotor hits the stem and when I tried to set the time the crown and stem just glided out with no resistance at all.

This has been my dream / forever watch and to have it gifted to me for my wedding was very special. My partner went to great lengths to find it and has had it hidden away until the day. Imagine her disappointment in seeing it come apart. Being a watch enthusiast I have owned and own some top end watches. This is my first Bremont and its left a bitter taste.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could give this your utmost attention and restore my faith in your brand as its failed at the very first test, setting the time. As for beyond endurance I would really like to have that opportunity to take a reliable watch on a few adventures of my own.

07-30-2019, 10:40 AM
Steve, first off, welcome to the forum.

The issues that you're experiencing with your Endurance are very unusual, I'm sure HQ will do their utmost to rectify them ASAP. The watch would have had to pass a Quality Control process before it left Henley, and the issues you describe would have indeed been picked up there, and the watch not despatched to the AD.

Did you go to your AD first and voice your issues or give them a chance to rectify the issue? I presume your wife bought the watch from a Bremont Dealer, and thus that would've been my first port of call.

Do you have any photos of the damage to the watch that you can share? Sorry to hear about your bad experience, and do stick around and let us know what happens.