View Full Version : 40mm true gmt Chrono watch

07-30-2017, 07:53 PM
Hey guys,

I wondered if you could pass this request/suggestion on to Nick and Giles for me? I travel frequently and so prefer a watch with a true gmt function (the hour hand is quick-set -- not the gmt hand) and a date; and I also like a chrono complication (as I regularly have to time travelling durations). Given that I lug a back pack on and off a lot, the thicker cases become quite annoying as the catch the backpack strap every time (right handed). I also have smaller wrists, so I like a 40mm watch. I also give my watch a very hard time, so a shock protection system would be a bonus.

There must be a lot of 'mes' out there, but other than Tudor's rather ugly offering and a few lower quality options, there's no such watch out there!

What I'd love to see, is something like a S300 variation with chrono and true-gmt complications added, and a gmt bezel for a third time zone. I think that such a watch would be a huge seller for Bremont as there's pretty much no such thing out there.

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