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12-12-2011, 12:29 PM

It’s my pleasure to welcome our new member Bruce, AKA Apache559 who is the proud owner of a new Bremont Apache AMC edition watch! I caught up with Bruce over the weekend to see how he uses his new watch and what other Bremonts make him tick.

Hi Bruce, welcome the the forum. Can you describe what it is you do in the squadron and where you are based?

“I'm an instructor specialising in weapons based at Wattisham (home of the attack helicopter force), Suffolk”.

Pictured: Bruce’s Apache just returning from Afghanistan after 10 hours of flying and 14 hours in the cab!

When did you first hear about Bremont as a watch brand and what first attracted you to the brand?

“I have been aware of the brand for quite some time as I love watches and quality time pieces. Bremont is real quality and as a comparison to other popular brands that grace crew rooms throughout the military Bremont stands out for me”.

How do expect that the Apache watch will help you as an instrument in your profession. Is there any feature of the watch which you will use the most ( ie. GMT time, chronograph )?

“I rely on gps timing for mission timings and my Bremont is easily up to the required standard and whenever I'm overseas the Zulu time function is very useful.”

http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii229/piersberry/Bremont/389847_232092926863181_100001874259735_549252_6935 5405_n.jpg
Pictured: Bruce’s Bremont Apache watch - Which looks like a redesigned DLC Bremont ALT1-Z. (Z stands for the second time zone - often referred to as GMT but in the military this is known as ‘ZULU time’.

You were lucky enough to have a watch made for your squadron - however if one was not made would you have bought another Bremont?

“Not withstanding the fact we had a watch made for us I would most definitely have bought another Bremont. I love the design, the feel of the buttons, the whole watch feels like it will perform when you need it. It has a design and feel that is equally at home in the harsh environments I operate in or indeed on my wrist at the mess for a dinner night”.

http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii229/piersberry/Bremont/373840_232092993529841_100001874259735_549253_1565 411476_n.jpg
Pictured: The caseback shows this Bremont Apache is only number 5 of 30 made and has Bruce’s initials on there as well!

You obviously like your watches - so compared to other brands how do you think your bremont compares to other ‘pilot’ watches?

“I was lucky enough to be chosen as the Apache display pilot for 2011 and we had the opportunity to wear some watches by other brands. I felt one of them was a little too common and the other was nice but didn't have the quality feel and weight of my Bremont.”

Pictured: High up in the mountains, at the maximum operating altitude of the Apache.

Okay so you are now the owner of an extremely rare and beautiful Bremont (Many people will be very jealous!) However if money were no object, which Bremont would you get - even if it’s a sold out model?

“My absolute favourite aircraft is the P-51 mustang and if I won the lottery I would by one and a matching P-51 special edition Bremont! How amazing that actual parts of an aircraft that saw action are used in its construction”.

Many thanks to Bruce for providing answers to my questions - We hope to see more of Bruce around the forum and look forward to seeing more photos of his watch!

Dragon Boy
12-28-2011, 05:38 PM
thanks for sharing
very interesting, the watch is awesome....