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12-17-2015, 02:44 AM

I bought a Model 1 in January 2014; but immediately (over the first two weeks) noticed that even when wearing 12 hours+ a day; after approximately 4 days the watch would stop (I wasnt using a winder). This continued over the next few weeks, and eventually I sent the watch back to Bremont.

First email:

I purchased the Model 1 in January and love the watch. Unfortunately I have found that even after a full winding (30 turns), and wearing for a week straight (10 hrs a day), and leaving on nightstand at night, the reserve seems to be depleted and the watch stops.

Looking at the back, the rotor does not seem to move fluidly, it has a jerky movement and seems to "stick" in places.

Watch was sent back to Bremont, then returned... Problem still there....

Second email:

Unfortunately I am reaching out again as I am still having problems with the watch. The same issue is occurring, yet this time it is worse. I wear the watch during the daytime, from 8am to 9pm, and if I do not place the watch in the winder, it starts loosing time quite quickly. As an example, i did not put the watch in the winder overnight last night, I woke up, and the watch had lost 6 seconds (not a big deal), but by the end of the evening at 9pm, it had lost 5 minutes.... this has happened on multiple occasions now.

It's very disappointing to have to reach out again, as I was so hoping that the watch would be operational. If it was slightly off I wouldnt mind so much, but it is horrendously off and to be quite frank, I paid way too much money to have something not work as advertised (not even close). The watch has not been exposed to harsh environments or ANY hard knocks; in fact it has been babied so I know for sure it has to be the watch mechanism itself being off.

Watch sent back to Bremont and returned...and.....

Watch not losing time any more, but still will completely stop after wearing for 4 days of 10hr usage, and not using a winder.

Since then (March), I put the watch in a winder every night, and no problem. That being said, the power reserve is no where near advertised, but I dont know if this issue can actually be fixed?

I love the look of my Bremont, and the British Heritage, but compared to my Rolex Sub, the power is way off... I didnt even have a watch winder for the first 3 years of owning my rolex, and it NEVER stopped, as long as I wore the watch at least once every three days.

Anyway, I wanted to see if this was a common occurrence, and ask for feedback on what to do. I live in the US, so sending it back and forth is a bit of a hassle, but not sure what to do. The watch rotor itself does not move fluidly UNLESS the watch is almost out of reserve power; when fully wound (or guesstimate more than 50% wound), the rotor will not spin freely, and stops and starts in a jerky motion. On the second return, the watch was supposedly checked out by the primary watch maker? I will say the watch keeps time very, very well, and is +/- 5 seconds a day, but reserve is definitely off.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Simon Keeton

Phoenix AZ

12-17-2015, 07:26 AM
I had same issue when I first got the Alt1tude SE. Sent back had senior watch maker look at the rotor. Still seemed to not be smooth as other watches including solo and alt-1c (was told it was due to different watch workings). I excepted it as Gospel until rotor came off at the weekend. Response from Bremont was they acknowledged it would be it's 3rd return, but had no record of any issues to my rotor (until I resent an old email asking for watch to be repaired for 3 issues) or the watch batch. Watch was collected yesturday to go back to Bremont. If you not happy see if you can look at other watches that use the same movement and see how they compare. Good luck

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