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07-18-2011, 09:02 AM
Peter Roberts has now answered a selection of questions that you submitted - Many thanks to all those who submitted questions - Sorry not all could be answered, but I am sure you'll agree, Peter has some interesting things to say about the future of Bremont!


"Peter - the Limited Edition U2 has an open case back which I'm a big fan of, could this be introduced on the MB11 as they seem to share a lot of similarities (e.g.anti magnetic faraday cage, anti-shock movement mount) and it seems a shame not to be able to see the inner workings?"
Submitted by: Richard

PR: When it comes to our watch designs I am very much a purist. To develop the Martin-Baker watch we spent a great deal of time to make sure that we produced a watch fit for the stated needs - that is it had to withstand everything that the Martin-Baker ejector seat test programmes could throw at it. These tests necessitated a watch that could withstand : extreme shock, magnetism, water resistance, corrosion resistance, vibration etc. To produce a watch to survive these tests I needed to incorporate a floating movement design also a Faraday cage, a roto-click bezel - this was very difficult. The result, the MBII, has been one of our most successful watches.

The U-2 pilots in America decided this was the watch for them but they were keen on a unique model - hence we produced the U-2 model. Against my recommendation they asked for a glass back (nice to see the movement but negates the effect of a faraday cage).

So you have your choice, either super anti-magnetic MBII with closed back.....or still industry standard anti-magnetic, but nice glass back Limited edition U-2 model.

"Bremont is known for using new, often unique tech in its watches. What are your thoughts on the use of diamond, silecium and other unusual materials in movements, and do you think Bremont will make use of such materials?"
Submitted by: Noodlefish

PR: We live in a time when most watch companies and particularly technical designers are looking very closely at the use of new materials. These new materials can be used in the case and also the movements. We have already made use of some very special coatings and materials in our case designs.

For movements, I am certainly examining the possibilities of new materials where I can see a clear and true advantage of their use. Our watches must perform faultlessly under all circumstances so I will not change from proven technology until I am sure of real advantage - watch this space!!!

"Peter, what was the function of the unique mechanism for the Valjoux 72 Chronograph which you constructed?"
Submitted by: Gerard Nijenbrinks

PR: Whilst I was working with Rolex in Geneva, in my spare time I designed and made a mechanism for the Valjoux 72 chronograph, that I had built whilst I had been a student in Neuchatel. This mechanism allowed the watch to have 5 independent hands running co-axially from the centre of the dial indicating - hours, minutes, chronograph seconds, GMT and date. This mechanism was unique, in fact, 5 hands running from the centre of any wristwatch was unheard of. To my knowledge only recently have I seen another wristwatch with 5 hands running from the centre. The watch of course had 8 hands in total. In those days it was all done with pencil and paper - no CAD and all the parts had to be made by hand. Great fun and it still runs just as well today.

"Given free reign on time and budget what would be your ultimate project to work on for Bremont"
Submitted by: jon

PR: I hope that my ultimate project will not be too soon, I am having too much fun at the moment - the ultimate project is probably your last!
Seriously, I am really looking forward to working on our own movement.

"Which other watch brand do you fear the most?"
Submitted by: SuperRichieM

PR: I have been in this business for over 40 years and have worked with and on many brands. As Technical Director for Bremont I can genuinely say, we fear no other brand. We are a new young company and we appreciate and admire what other companies have done. We are forging our own path to produce watches that we believe in.


Many thanks to Peter for spending the time to answer the Questions, and for the kind people at Bremont for helping to organise this. We'll have another ALT RESPONSE session very soon!

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This is fantastic!!!

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate the insight

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Thanks to Alt1tude (Piers) and Peter at Bremont for arranging / answering these questions. Great idea, well executed!

And thank you for the response to my question. I'll watch this space!


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great read, this is one reason I love Bremont, they are so approachable and human and really take an interest in their customers. I hope that as they grow and become even more successful that they manage to keep the human touch. Many thanks and keep up the great work guys

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Thanks for organising this Piers and pass on my thanks to Peter for answering my question, really interesting and useful information. I bet you wouldn't get this much insight from many other watch manufacturers! Excellent stuff.

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Awesome! Thanks!

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This is the best thread I have read in a long time! I hope we are able to do this again from time to time. This helps the fans here of BREMONT to understand what goes into the design of the watches we have been drawn to! What other watch company let's their chief designer explain how and what he considers in the design of our favorite watch models to the owners and admirers of his creations! And Piers, thanks for organizing this thread, and keep up the great ideas and topics! Cheers Jim :-)

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Great read.

Thank you Peter.