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Next up for our Retailer Q & A series is Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry near Austin, Texas. You may recognize the author as "Mark B" from the forum, and we are glad to have him available for queries. From the looks of it, this place is VERY NICE! Give Mark a call or send a message on the forum if you are interested in doing any business! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Mark!

1– Tell the Alt1tude forum a little about your store- (where it is located, your history, the brands you carry etc…)

Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces is located in West Lake Hills, Texas. West Lake is a western section of metropolitan Austin that surrounds Lake Austin, in a very picturesque area of the city. We are a young business and will celebrate our two year anniversary in September. We are AD’s for Speake-Marin, Nomos Glashutte, Muhle Glashutte, and BRM. We are currently picking up the CORUM line and engaged in conversations with some other manufacturers.

The store is managed by Alicia White and Mark Baran. It’s probably not necessary to tell you who is who in the photograph.


The store was designed by Scott Ginder, a local architect, the interior design was done by Robyn Menter of Dallas, and the beautiful millwork was executed by Vintage Material Supply of Austin. The design aesthetic followed the desires of the owners, who are collectors of contemporary art, fans of modern design, and collectors of fine jewelry and timepieces. The store is very unique for central Texas, and would be equally at home on the upper end of Madison Avenue, or the rue Saint-Honoré.




2 – When and where did you first hear about Bremont and why did you decide to make Bremont a part of your store's collection?

Our owner, an avid watch collector, studies watch brands in depth. When he learned of Bremont in 2011, he found a corporate background and a business story he liked, felt the hardened steel three piece cases represented a great design, and overall felt Bremont invested their time and money wisely in the production of their watches. Michael Pearson visited what was then a new store in Austin in 2012, and the deal was sealed pretty much on the spot. Corporately we are very appreciative of the support Michael and Bremont have put behind our operations.

3 – Is there a Bremont model that your customers consistently gravitate towards?

Easy question: the MB and Alt1/C models.


4 – What is YOUR favorite Bremont watch and why? Which strap would you pair it with?

My favorite to date is the Codebreaker. I’m fascinated with the historical significance of the entire operation that was conducted at Bletchley Park, and love the way Bremont incorporated some of the physical history into each piece that was manufactured. The design of the dial is perfect for the concept, and the choice of the La Joux-Perret flyback movement could not have been better. I think the Codebreaker is best worn on the exotic strap with which it is shipped. We had one of the gold versions in the store, which was a sight to behold. It didn’t last long in our inventory.


Mine personal watch is a U2. But I’m a bracelet guy, as you can see below.


5 – Bremont have created a number of limited edition watches from various historically significant items. If you could choose a piece of history to be a part of a limited edition in the future, what would it be?

Although it’s an American aircraft; I would love to see an edition paying homage to the Chance-Vought F4U/4. Maybe incorporating some small pieces of an actual aircraft, similar to the EP120. The Corsair, like the Spitfire, was one hell of an engine with wings.

6 - Do you every sponsor events for Bremont and how do you get involved with the Bremont Community?

We try and hold two Bremont events per year. Michael Pearson has been a participant in the past, and we look forward to seeing him again for the next event. Following are some photos from last fall’s event, held here at the store.

Michael always brings his style and bravado with him.


Pretty good turnout of both watch collectors and media folks.


Some nifty 40’s tunes filled the air.


One of our owners (Jill) with a visiting press dignitary.


Watches and jewelry were not the only eye catching sights.


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Nice write up. Thanks Jeremy! I second the Corsair LE. My grandfather flew one in WW2.... Make it with a nice blue dial. Put me down for one!!!

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A Corsair watch seems like a natural progression of the aircraft themed LE's! I'm sure they could do it well.

Mark B
07-08-2014, 01:05 AM
My father flew one, up the island chain in the Pacific. Was shot down twice and walked away from both. Lucky guy............ :cool:

I won't tell you his score in Zero's. It's no longer politically correct.

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What a beautiful store!!