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I spoke to Mike whilst he was in the UK and did a short Q and A about his time there and how he felt the week had gone for Bremont. As you will see a great time was had by all, and I am sure we all eagerly await the excitement for next year.

Thanks Mike for doing this.

Mike, so following Basel, how does it feel to be back?

I am very sorry in advance about how much I talk …

Obviously we are a little TIRED but it was such a fab show so we just plugged away…

I have a few parts to how I personally felt.
I went back to the UK straight after Basel and the first place I went to was the pub (obviously) where half of the UK team were having a quiet and deserved drink, Carly was there too, Carly is our new US administrative assistant who is helping me in North America.
It was BRILLIANT seeing everyone because they all felt a part of the show and were busily talking about the tweets, the press, the audio boos that came from us in Basel…everyone was incredibly proud and it was a fantastic feeling to know that we were all in it together.

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/1_zpsbed2839b.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/1_zpsbed2839b.jpg.html)

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/2_zpsd3c0c7e4.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/2_zpsd3c0c7e4.jpg.html)

then went back to my home town, saw Villa lose, hung out with my friends and ate some PROPER English food at my Mum and Dads to finally relax!

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/3_zps92bc7f1a.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/3_zps92bc7f1a.jpg.html)

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/4_zps604329e3.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/4_zps604329e3.jpg.html)

The main part of the post Basel experience came when I got back to the US and I was able to talk to our retailers…they are absolutely delighted with the new releases and excited to see them in person. This is when I know the year will be a success because we can offer them special items to sell.
We have a lot of work ahead but that is why we do what we do!

So how was the majority of your day filled?

Early starts and late finishes that’s for sure…

In Basel we had a new space in the Palace which is where many independent brands like to showcase their collections and we had a beautiful booth.
We had sales managers representing Bremont from the UK, Europe, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East and myself for North America.
We all had meetings from 8am – 7pm everyday and were also talking to people who walked by and wanted to learn a little about the brand…it is very tiring but never boring.

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/5_zpsea6e5fef.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/5_zpsea6e5fef.jpg.html)

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/6_zps29c9b1bc.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/6_zps29c9b1bc.jpg.html)

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/7_zpsa59e5f69.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/7_zpsa59e5f69.jpg.html)

Our brilliant PR and Marketing team were also absolutely crazy busy, talking to the worlds press and we all mucked in and helped each other in meetings.
Marketing in with retailers, we were all helping with each others regions, with Nick and Giles bouncing around from meeting to meeting…It was absolutely great.
The brand message was very clear from us all and for me personally it was brilliant to see so many people working extremely hard to tell Nick and Giles’ story and show our watches!

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/8_zps78b8d90d.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/8_zps78b8d90d.jpg.html)

We then ate unhealthy food and passed out :)

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/9_zps6cb31547.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/9_zps6cb31547.jpg.html)

What was the most exciting thing about Basel this year for you?

We have attended Basel since 2008 (I think) and we always hired a huge business suite in the Swissotel.
Last year, instead of a full week in Basel we decided that it was more important to build our UK HQ and so we threw a huge party in Bar Rouge on the top of the Ramada hotel to launch the Codebreaker so in essence we had two years away from the fair as exhibitors but this time we were back, a part of Baselworld and in a booth that truly represented the spirit of Bremont.

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/10_zps95bd59d6.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/10_zps95bd59d6.jpg.html)

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/11_zpsf8632f21.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/11_zpsf8632f21.jpg.html)

My favorite part of Basel was seeing the reaction from the press, the absolute solid support from our retailers and the ‘vibe’ that we are building something very special indeed.
Just to look around the booth and see almost 20 people from Bremont all busy and working with one goal is inspiring and so the difference in brand awareness in just two years was my most pleasing thing to see.

What was the general response of the new releases?


The MBIII was met with a reaction that I expected.
It will slot straight into any stores collection perfectly and will be a smash for Bremont fans everywhere. The GMT MB has been asked for by our Bremont owners since we first released the MBII model.

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/12_zpsc19bc9f0.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/12_zpsc19bc9f0.jpg.html)

I knew the Terra Nova was going to be well received but I did not expect the absolute LOVE for the piece.
The titanium case, the fact that only 300 will be made, coupled with Ben Saunders fantastic story means that we have allocated nearly all of these to retailers across the world. It will be sold out very quickly after its July release.

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/13_zpsb6949e88.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/13_zpsb6949e88.jpg.html)

The Boeing collection was going to be the interesting one.
No one knew what we were going to bring out and the reaction was marvelous.

The Model 1 and the model 247 obviously have a Bremont look with a strong feeling of our DNA but the watch is over totally engineered in every way and everyone loved hearing about the 465 steel that is only available to us for this model and why Boeing approached us to work with them.
This steel is absolutely solid and gives the watch a very strong feel but its the little details that were really well received.
From the Boeing Blue that is subtly used throughout the watch, the very large open back case with a HUGE and very beautiful rotor where you can see the anti shock clamps (in Boeing Blue), the screw down pushers, the duel rotating (thin) bezel all the way to the Boeing ‘tick’ at the top of the second hand … it was brilliant to see people rediscovering a whole knew Bremont for the first time.

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/14_zps2c92257e.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/14_zps2c92257e.jpg.html)

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/15_zps3b7783c1.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/15_zps3b7783c1.jpg.html)

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/16_zpsa5094ac5.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/16_zpsa5094ac5.jpg.html)

We also sneaked in a little preview of the high polished ALT1-C … AWESOME watch!!!

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/17_zps4288961b.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/17_zps4288961b.jpg.html)

And how do you feel this year at Basel differed from previous years by being in the Palace?

It positioned us in a new light to retailers and media alike and the palace is a hive of activity but keeps that boutique feel throughout the entire fair.
It really suited us but we might need a bit more room next year ;)

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/18_zpsc8cb616e.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/18_zpsc8cb616e.jpg.html)

I realise all the watches were well received, but which of the new releases do YOU feel had the most positive response?

As I mentioned above, they all had a very positive reactions but were received very differently.

For me I think the Boeing range really was a home run but on an individual level the Terra Nova was LOVED by everyone.
I wasn’t surprised how much we would allocate but the out pouring of ‘WOW’ was brilliant to see.

http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/Alt1-S/19_zps36db448b.jpg (http://s768.photobucket.com/user/Alt1-S/media/19_zps36db448b.jpg.html)

Which other brands interested you at Basel this year - did any other pieces catch your eye and why?

We only had limited time to run around the other halls and see new pieces but I really loved the new Omega Speedmaster Mark II…what a great nod to a vintage classic

So come on Mike, any interesting stories from Basel that the alt1tude members might like to hear?

Hmmmm What happens in Basel stays in Basel ;)

I will say that if you are ever on FaceTime with a person you are dating…don’t let Nick know because he grabs the phone and asks very awkward questions lol

What do you think the next year will hold for Bremont and what do you think ( if anything ) could be improved at Basel next year?

Well I do know that the Boeing partnership will lead to some very exciting projects in the future and we have partnerships that will lead to bigger and better things but I think for us all we want to keep adding to the team and hopefully have a bigger presence at the fair.

We learn more every time we do a tradeshow or event and so we will we keep bettering ourselves asa a team but we will always want to keep the essence of our personalities at the core of the show and I definitely want our booth to be a place where people can see our brand and not a closed door.

Onwards and upwards … thanks to all of the Alt1tude members support during Basel, we loved reading your thoughts!


Once again, thanks to Mike for doing this for us.

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Again, Thanks to Mike for all of the insight and time spent answering these questions for us! A very nice read.

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Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like this year is gonna be huge for Bremont! :)

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Great post , thank you for sharing.

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A great read and pics. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us Mike and I think we all look forward to what other pieces we may see coming from our favourite brand :D

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It was great to catch up with Mike - his enthusiasm for Bremont is infectious, and he has agreat product to sell.
I do question his choice of football club, but not his choice of pub - that plate of roast beef and Yorkshires looked yummy!

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Excellent interview! thanks for setting it up and to Mike for his time and enthusiastic answers!

Indeed, good times ahead.

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You are all very welcome!

Oracle, we can't help the sports team we fall in love with ... but true love it is lol

And the Sunday roast was crafted by my Mum!!

The pub was after ;)

Any questions, at any time then please do not hesitate to ask.



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Great post - the spirit of the company really comes through. All the best, Mike, in NYC!

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You are all very welcome!

Oracle, we can't help the sports team we fall in love with ... but true love it is lol

And the Sunday roast was crafted by my Mum!!

The pub was after ;)

Any questions, at any time then please do not hesitate to ask.



Cheers for that Mike.

Does your mum do food parcels? ;)

Hopefully see you at Duxford.