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Captain Danger
04-02-2014, 05:27 PM
Hello Team!

I was just wondering, if Bremont do become 100% British made, what testing standard will you use going forwards? Would you continue to use the C.O.S.C.? Or is that only available if you continue to use some Swiss parts within the watches?

From what I've read, the British standard used to be called the 'Q..?

Would you start doing your own in-house testing and chronometer rating? Perhaps you could start a new British testing facility, which would encourage future companies to look to Britain again to set the standard in watches again.

What are your thoughts?



05-21-2015, 11:25 PM
If TeStaf becomes an adopted ISO standard, I would like it to see to be tested and then labeled as an officially certified Pilots watches and then maybe DIN standards for diving equipment on their Supermarine line.