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03-14-2014, 03:36 AM
Hey Everyone,

BaselWorld is a short two weeks away, and almost 100,000 people will be traveling to Switzerland to attend this year's event! As Serena has already told us, Bremont has moved to a more prominent exhibit location in the Palace for 2014, and is expected to display several new pieces, some of which will be focused on the new partnership between Bremont and Boeing. The Bremont staff will be spending long hours showing the collection and discussing the Bremont story with jewelers and potential partners from all over the world. Dealers will place orders to get watches into their stores and in turn make available to customers for purchase.

This is where YOU come in! As you likely know, Bremont have been adding several new retail partners over the last few years in the USA, Europe, Caribbean Islands, Dubai, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, and beyond. However, If you have a retailer in YOUR local area who you'd like to see carry the Bremont range, find out if they will be in attendance at Basel! If so, let them know how you feel about Bremont and make sure they know Bremont will be on exhibit at the event! Retailers are invited to set up appointments to learn more about the company and potentially establish partnerships to carry the brand.

Don't be shy! If you have any potential retail partners in mind, now would be the time to reach out and let them know that you'd like to have the Bremont collection available in your area! If you or your retailer have any questions, Mike Pearson can be contacted directly through phone or email at Michael@bremont.com, and he will help get you an answer.



03-14-2014, 03:47 PM
Well said Jeremy, and that goes for those of you in the UK as well. The sales manager for the UK and Europe is Stephen Lee and he can be contacted via stephen@bremont.com.

Many thanks.

03-14-2014, 04:06 PM
Ahem! I think you'll find they're already in the best retailers in UK :rolleyes:;)