View Full Version : FACEBOOK Integration with this site

04-21-2011, 11:00 AM
We’ve now implemented a connection with Facebook which means you can now do the following on the site:

1) login and register on the site by clicking the ‘Connect’ button - this means it’s quicker for you to register if you’re new to the site if you’re already registered, then you only have to click the ‘connect’ button to login.

2) You can ‘Like’ threads / articles and blogs that appear on the site (These then appear on your 'wall')

3) Any posts / comments and replies you do can be ‘published’ to Facebook - simply check the ‘Post to Facebook’ checkbox before you submit your post.

Instructions on how to connect with FACEBOOK on the site.

- Click the ‘Connect’ button on the top.

- When you see the ‘Request for Permission’ window appear, click ‘Allow’

- You’ll then see a screen on the site which says ‘Link Accounts’ simply click ‘Link accounts’ then you’ll be all done!