View Full Version : FS: Bremont Supermarine S500 BK/GRN - $3,800 OBO

09-30-2013, 03:10 PM
Hello all, up for sale is my very gently used Bremont Supermarine S500 BK/GRN edition. Pictures have been uploaded below

MASSIVE HIGH-RESOLUTION PICTURES ARE LOCATED HERE (imgur link, serial # has been photoshopped out) (http://imgur.com/a/nfvX1#0)

Purchased watch from AD, Grenon's of Newport R.I. in December 2012. Approx. 2 years of warranty left. Watch was just sent to Bremont HQ in The U.K. for servicing prior to me putting it up for sale. Condition of watch is 97%+. No marks, dings, dents, etc. on outer case or crystal. There are some *very* light marks on the underside of the watch near where the lugs are from where I used a strap tool to change the rubber strap a few times. They're very light and you'll never even see them unless you change the strap and are really searching for them.

All papers, original box, original rubber strap, leather case, etc. will come with the watch. Also throwing in an unworn Bremont baseball cap, still in original packaging, and a new Bremont watch travel case.

I've also in my possession a 100% brand-spanking-new Bremont keychain, still in the plastic (valued at $120 but will sell for $100 + free shipping) and a brand new, never worn, 100% black rubber Supermarine strap (not sure of retail value but will also sell for $100 + free shipping - this also seems to be the newest version as the rubber is very soft/pliable). If you want, we can bundle all of this together and make a deal or we can do it piecemeal. I will be posting separate listings for the extra items, though.

I absolutely love this watch and it was my "grail" purchase but at my relatively young age (26) I realized I should be collecting experiences while I still can, rather than collecting physical possessions. The proceeds I make from this watch will be funding my first trip to Europe from the U.S. where I will be visiting London and hopefully also get the chance to meet the folks at Bremont HQ. Anyways, a little TMI but rest assured, the money is going to a great cause!

Only accepting PayPal. I have 100% excellent eBay feedback (username: flashdriveking). Once PayPal transaction is cleared then watch will be shipped standard mail, fully-insured, signature required. You will not pay for shipping. Shipping internationally will be very expensive (upwards of $100+) to insure so we will have to chat about that if you're across the pond & are interested.

Any questions, please ask! First come, first served. Giving the folks on here an opportunity at this prior to me posting it on eBay. This will be an alt1tude.bremont.com forum exclusive for one week - at that point it will be posted on eBay and you'll have to contend with others.


10-18-2013, 06:15 PM
Auction ends very shortly on eBay - check it out! At $2,600 currently.